Jump started in 2015 as a collective of young female entrepreneurs that grew from the creative scene through combining different disciplines (music, dance, art, … etc). Our collective was founded on a need to create more awareness and physical space for the many (female) talents in the scene and behind the curtain.

In 2023 we evolved into a new focus point within creating & curating. We sharpened our tools and re-centered into a core group of 3 with a new name: Plenty™. As multi-talented and skilled individuals packed with industry savvy knowledge we’re ready for any creative and curation project. Perks of working with multi hyphenate go getters is you’ll have direct access to an extremely diverse network you would need for your creative or curating project. We tackle each endeavor with the strength that we are founded on: female energy. For us, this means that the focus within any collaboration is a highly connecting, empathetic and caring approach, mixed with a wide range of skills.

“We take each endeavor with the strength we are founded on: female energy”
June 27, 2023

Plenty To Say ep. 4


Paris fashion week

Watch online here
June 12, 2023

Plenty To Say ep. 3


Zijn we nog fysiek verbonden?

Watch online here
May 25, 2023

Plenty To Say ep. 2


Afknappers bij mannen

Watch online here
May 15, 2023

Plenty To Say ep. 1


Halle Bailey & Fitness culture

Watch the first snippets online

Jessica Ndimunbandi


Sara Golijanin

Project Manager - Photographer - Curator


Jazz Sanusi

Singer-Songwriter - Strategist - Production


Linne Dierckx

Project Manager - Producer - Stylist & Lifestyle manager

Plenty to Say Talkshow

A talk show where personal opinions, relevant themes and the strength in each other's differences are praised and above all heard.
Four friends who after years of working together and sharing a deep friendship, have a lot of talking points in common.
Delightfully relatable and with a pinch of humor between each topic, each episode introduces you to these four girlfriends, where you will hear how they frame topics such as passion, creativity, all sorts or relationships and enterprising in Belgium,…

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